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State of the art technology located in the PGA Headquarters and is the official sponsor of the ryder cup.


Our seven golf simulators are powered by aG’s (aboutGolf) 3Trak® launch monitors with a three dimensional camera and tracking system. Machine vision technology extracts precise club and ball data from dozens of images per swing regardless of speed, spin, or launch angle. Ball flight is replicated in the simulator using advanced flight and terrain physics. The result is a true to life golf experience So, you hit a tree… it’s going to come back. You bounce onto St. Andrews’ Swilcan Bridge… it’s going to bounce affect your lie. It’s a virtual landscape with real consequences. 

aG Locker - The App

Shots, scorecards, videos, and data are all automatically uploaded to a user’s private locker in the cloud. Now you can use their time at Mulligans Indoor Golf Club practicing on the simulator rather than reviewing data. They can analyze your stats from Mulligans, or any other aboutGolf Simulator on the aG website. ( or aG Locker mobile app. Online lockers can even be accessed by instructors remotely to review progress and provide tailored coaching.

Full Ball, club, & swing data

Mulligan’s simulators provide all the data that you need to hone your golf game. Plus, the precision of our machine vision technology makes it easy to transition your learnings from the sim to the course. What info is gathers? 

• Ball Speed
• Launch Angle
• Carry Distance
• Total Distance
• Spin Rate(Backspin, Sidespin, & Rifle Spin)
• Distance Offline
• Smash Factor
• Club Speed
• Angle of Attach (Vertical & Horizontal)
• Centeredness of Contact


aG Flix is our world-class integrated video recording system that incorporates up to 3 color cameras that simultaneously record your swing. aG Flix
creates an unparalleled indoor instruction and video environment. Now it’s possible to see your shot shape and performance indoors while also reviewing high-speed quality color images of your actual swing.


aG Balance is the world’s leading golf balance and weight measurement system. Using a platform concealed under the playing surface, the technology independently measures the weight of each foot in real time as it shifts during the swing. aG Balance is used by top instructors around the world to help the very best golfers improve and understand their game.


Compete on a local, regional, and national level with aG’s Alpha Tour. The Alpha Tour puts your game to the test and prizes on the line (open to players of all skill levels).

  • Pinpoint (closest to the pin)
  • Longest Drive
  • Stroke Play
  • Putting challenges